BaeCation- Roatan, Bay Islands

Being that we are in a long distance relationship, our time together is very special and kinda feels like a vacation every time we’re together. (Besides the getting on each other’s nerves part haha) This last year out of 365 days we have only spent 41 days together which includes this last month in Honduras. Yes it sounds crazy but it works for us and we’re very grateful for the great relationship that we have. Not to mention we both work in foreign countries which can make things more complicated but also has its advantages. Anyways, we made a promise  that no matter where we are for the summer we need to plan a gateway. Last year we went to Iquique, Chile because I lived in Peru at the time. It was an amazing time but this year we stepped it up a bit; LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. Roatan is a small Island off the coast of Honduras so it was a perfect place for our BaeCation this year.




We are complete opposites when it comes to adventure time. He is more of a stay dry, above water, feet on the ground person whereas I am always ready to fly high, swing off trees and jump into deep waters kind of person (haha). But I am so proud of him trying new things to make our time together special and memorable.


Snorkeling for the first time didn’t go so well


With my baby Rebel (a rescued horse)
The look tells it all.. lol. His horse was more of the rebel


Zoo on the key

Didn’t capture all the adventures but we had so much laughter and just enjoying the moment. Especially when we drifted away in the middle of the ocean in the kayak because he suggested we sit and just “enjoy the view”. Meanwhile he was on the only with a life jacket haha. AND paddle boarding was an epic fail.

Even though it was a very very short 2 day stay in Roatan the highlight of our trip was LITTLE FRENCH KEY. We were fortunate to go on a quiet day without too many tourists or cruise ships and truly felt like we had the island all to ourselves. It was truly paradise.

This angel we met on the key was so kind to capture pictures of us horse riding and these photos. Thank you Norma if you so happen to be reading this 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Perfect way to spend our last days together until… we don’t know when. But we’ll always have something to hold onto until the next adventure. We are Truly Blessed and know that God is faithful if we continue to keep him first.




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