Top 10 – RIO OLYMPICS 2016


Rio happened because all the stars truly lined up perfectly. From taking an unexpected 6 months extension at my job in Peru to scoring a great deal on my flight ticket; everything just worked out. I’ve been a huge Olympics fan from 2008 (yes only 3 Olympics ago) and I’ve been dreaming about attending one day. But I never imagined that it would have been so soon. You truly have to seize the moment when the opportunity presents itself.

So here’s my Top 10 moments from RIO 2016

  1. My Airbnb host

Ms. Yara was simply amazing, I booked a one week stay at one of her properties for $125 (YES!!!). Technically it was supposed to be a shared- dorm room however when I arrived she offered me a private room at her other property. A couple who I was supposed to share with came with a small child (What a lifesaver). She prepared us breakfast every morning which I missed most days but on the last day I made it just to say thank you to her. She was so sweet to give me a gift when I was leaving. Wonderful woman (Also makes me smile that God truly connects me to good people)

  1. Sugarloaf Mountain/Lapa Steps

Of course I had to make time for sightseeing outside the Olympic events. Lapa steps was exactly what I expected from seeing people’s pictures from social media. However I didn’t know the great history behind it. Found pieces from countries all over the world which was pretty cool (Unity).


Sugarloaf Mountain was also amazing despite the fact our tour arrived super late ( high volume of tourists) and it was cold. But on the positive side we caught a very beautiful sunset taking the cable car to the top. Once I had gotten to the top, I was eager to get back down (it was just too cold for me). It had been a super long day with extremely long lines. So this is definitely a site I would like to visit again during the day when it’s warmer.

  1. Hiking trip

 Connected with a great group of individuals and we took a hike up Dos Irmaos mountain to catch a dope view. The clouds killed the excited from the top but it was a great bonding experience.

  1. USA Women Basketball

 I got to see my favorite college and WNBA player in action, Diana Tsuauri and of                      course the legendary coach, Geno

  1. Ipanema Beach

Anything near water and a beautiful sand is alright with me. Didn’t plan on a beach day but there was so much going on, entertainment, arts, comedy…even got a RIO henna. Fun times to walk around and connect with different people.


  1. Patriotism

 I always love to see people represent their country, waving their flags, cheering on their athletes. That’s the beauty of sports, being able to bring whole world together in peace and enjoyment. This is so necessary especially with everything that is going on around the world.

  1. Buffets

 I got invited to a buffet first couple days there. The food was great and I thought it was something special. Until I found out they were all over. I’ve never been a buffet person because I get full very quickly. But this was great and I definitely ate well in Rio.

  1. New Friends

 This was a solo trip for me. You are bond to meet people along the way when you travel alone but not always keep in contact. They were a handle of people I meet and we still keep in contact even though it’s through social media. My favorite was a couple from California, it was the wife’s first trip ever out of the country so that was very exciting for her. We still keep in touch. She actually texted me last week for my address so she can write to me. So cute! Great people!


  1. Christ the Redeemer (Seventh wonder of the world)

 This was the 3rd 7th wonder of the world I have visited (Machu Picchu, Colosseum).  Pictures says it all….

  1. Bolt 100 meter final

This was my WHY— The fastest man in the world. He did not disappoint! Whew! What an exciting moment. Everyone was Jamaican that night (lol)…He is loved by everyone.  I also saw him qualifying and quarterfinals round for the 200M race. The final wasn’t in my budget (haha)


Thoughts on TOKYO 2020

  • Get In the lottery for event tickets (i.e GET MY MONEY READY from now)
  • If I cannot go for the full time, I want to catch the first half of the events. I missed some great events in RIO because I went only for the last week.
  • God’s willing I will be able to participate as a chiropractor (with somebody’s country haha)



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