Huacachina, Ica- Peru

So here I am almost a year and a half later posting about this trip AGAIN (Typed it up and somehow it never saved)

I truly consider this a gem  of Peru! Huacachina is a little town located in the heart of a dessert. Also referred to as the desert Oasis of Peru. I had never seen anything like it.


So for the story on how I ended up on this quick day trip. Met a young man, a backpacker from France who stopped in my city that I lived in at the time (Arequipa). Like many others I’ve met before, he was travelling all over South America alone. I was intrigued because he was the first black backpacker I met there. And of course I wanted to pick his brain about his experience as well. The conversation lead to him encouraging me (more like peer pressure) to join him to his next location stop. Since it was the weekend I gave it a little thought and said why not?! . So on Friday evening we took a 12 hour, Yes TWELVE hour bus to Huacachina from Arequipa. Got there at 8am and ready for the adventure.  I had seen pictures before so I was very excited and practicing my poses in my head as usual. The day started with a wine tour in another small town called Pisco. (how fitting). We visited the vineyard and learned about how the famous rum pisco and the finest wine in Peru were made. Of course the tour included some tasting. So lets just say that I was feeling pretty good afterwards. So much so that a nap was warranted in a hotel lobby and thankfully I was able to freshen up before the next adventure…

Dune buggy and Sand boarding….download-11download (14).png

Talk an exhilarating, adrenaline rushing and enjoyable time….

Until I almost lost my life (See clip below)


At the end of the day we caught the sunset which was so beautiful and breathtaking …


I will definitely recommend this place to ANYBODY who visits Peru. A MUST SEE


Got back on the bus at 9pm and arrived in  Arequipa early enough to rest all day Sunday with my aches and broken down body. But it was SO WORTH IT…


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