Machu Picchu, Of course

March 25th, 2016

Pictures from my second trip back with my friend Vanessa. It was just as beautiful as the first time and we got a chance to climb up to the Lion’s gate. She almost killed for my suggestion but I really wanted to do something different the second time around. 2 hours later after we got to the top it was definitely worth it. The view was amazing from 4800ft above


Sept 17th 2015

Before I uprooted my life and decided to move to a very unfamiliar country of course I did a little research. Plus once I told my friends and family I was moving to Peru I got 2 reactions:

  1. Why, Peru?! (I’m sure most didn’t even know where it is)
  2. Machu Picchu! I’ve always wanted to go there.
  3.  I’ll come visit you.

So from what I found online and heard from people who were a little familiar with Peru, I thought Machu Picchu was going to be my only option for #AdventureTime in Peru. It wasn’t until I actually got here then I found out there is SO MUCH MORE TO PERU than just that.

So I decided not to go to Machu Picchu until the first person who visited me wanted to go as well. Of Course my friend Vivian was the first and I couldn’t have been happier to share that experience with her. Though she only decided to come to Peru for 2 days (Nobody ever does that!) It was definitely worth it. After her 3 flights (15hours+) and my 10 hr bus ride from Arequipa we finally united for this wonderful experience.

Machu Picchu is one of the 7th wonder of the world built in 1450 by the Incas. It was rediscovered in the 1900s by archaeologists with the help of some Peruvian farmers and eventually was recognized by as Historical site.

I have met many people from all over the world who said that they decided to travel to Peru from what they had learned in school about Machu Picchu. Guess I was fast asleep during that part.

If you’re coming to Peru and want to visit Machu Picchu: PLEASE PLAN AHEAD.

This is not a fly into Lima airport and take a taxi there.

  • You will fly into Cusco, Peru from Lima
  • Take taxi to train
  • Train to Aguas Caliente (Town at the bottom of the site) -One night stay is recommneded  if you want to spend as much time as possible at the site
  • 15mins bus up to the site or hike for 1.5-2hours
  • Park entrance- there’s a limited about of people allowed daily. Reserve in advance. (Jun-Aug being the busiest months)

IMG_3535IMG_3526IMG_3613IMG_3555It was much was much more beautiful and peaceful in person as in the pictures.  IMG_3558






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